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Domaine de la Begude is an estate of 600 hectares, with 22 hectares of vines, like a balcony over the sea, at the top of the appellation Bandol, brushed by the wind named Mistral.

500 years before Christ, this land was already cultivated. For the vines and olive trees, men have constructed gigantic steps with stones, the famous terraces that remind us of the stepped seat rows in amphitheaters of antiquity. Twenty centuries later, vine is still here. Thanks to this men's will, the nature of this country is preserved, resisting to strong urbanization pressure around the Mediterranean Sea.

La Begude produces red, rosé and white wines belonging to the Bandol AOC, one of the first appellations in France. The vines are situated 400 meters above sea level. From this elevation, the view extends to Ciotat bay and the sea beyond. The seas air continuously softens the climate of this terroir, which is often extreme. The soil's poverty and the wind allow us to have wines with no excess of alcohol, nor heaviness.

The particularity of la Bégude is its extraordinary diversity of soils and expositions. This mosaic of vines remind us of a color pallet for an artist. It’s surrounded by olive trees and the Mediterranean forest caring heavy scents of garrigue.