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José Nicolas's photo exhibition at Domaine de la Bégude

"Women of worlds"

We are very honored to welcome to our cellar until August 31, a magnificent exhibition of photographs by José Nicolas. They will be the story of these women encountered throughout his life as a war reporter, participating humanitarian organizations such as Médecins sans Frontières and Entrepreneurs du Monde or as a simple passerby seizing a moment of life.

Women anonymous, famous, brave, happy, victims, soldiers, religious, engaged in politics, movie stars ... All these portraits are a testimony to their place in history, unvarnished, under a glance sometimes admiring, moved, compassionate, sometimes tinged with humor, but always with a certain tenderness.

"After traveling through African territories as a soldier with an assault rifle, supervised and disciplined, I became a photographer to live a lifestyle that suited me.

Idealist and enthusiastic, I embarked on this exciting adventure and rich in emotions and encounters. I chose the hardest photography, which requires commitment, conviction and sometimes courage. Instead of photographing the beauty of the world, I became interested in it's great suffering.

During all these years when chaos seemed to reign, where the war had blackened arms, where families mourn their dead and the bellies are empty, two things impressed me: the smile of children and their ease to transform into a playground any place; worthy and courageous women.

In Sarajevo, the city is under siege and bombarded by the Serbs, the water distributed drop by drop, the supply to happiness luck. On market day, despite the sniper fire, Bosnian and Serbian women put make upon and go out elegant to mark their resistance.

In Africa with a micro credit, they manage to set up a business that allows them to get out of precariousness and to educate their children.

But also in the struggles that oppose them to those who want to deprive them of freedom. To those women in Afghanistan who brave the ban at the risk of being stoned, Kurdish fighters who push back Daesh.

In my many descents in the throes of human suffering, I have never met God, even if sometimes I solicited him. On the contrary, the devil I met him (and there are many) but never a she-devil. Only benevolent fairies. "

José Nicolas